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Meniere’s Disease has devastating effects on the lives of those afflicted and on those who care for them. Working lives are disrupted and careers brought to an end. The normally ordered and busy lives of otherwise healthy people, suddenly become totally unreliable.

The unresolved questions surrounding the condition have been tackled for nearly 150 years without finally identifying the cause and a possible cure. While medical and surgical advances to alleviate the affliction have been encouraging, the Meniere’s Research Fund Inc (the Fund), a not for profit fund raising group run by volunteers established in 2002 as a development from the Meniere’s Support Group of NSW (superseded by the Whirled Foundation), has been stepping up the research effort. The support work across Australia is now the responsibility of Meniere’s Australia Inc.

Our aim is to build up a strong research team in Sydney, to explore and build on the findings from Meniere’s research being carried out by scientists in Australia and other countries. We have been able to recruit our team due to the support we have received from our generous donors.

We are confident that with your help in maintaining and expanding the world’s first laboratory dedicated entirely to studying Meniere’s Disease, established here at the Brain and Mind Research Institute, our program will lead to enhanced early detection, preventative strategies and superior treatments sufficiently alleviating the condition to make sufferers able to again lead a relatively normal life.



If you are an Australian taxpayer, a tax deductable donation to us means you give to the Fund and claim a refund from the Australian Tax Office.  International donors seeking a tax deduction should check with their local advisors that Sydney University Medical Foundation’s charitable status is recognised by that country.


For USA donations, the University of Sydney USA Foundation provides a tax advantaged way for USA taxpayers to support Meniere’s research at the University of Sydney by donating to our Fund.  The foundation is incorporated in Washington, DC as a tax-exempt 501(c)(3) charitable organisation. Gifts to the Foundation can be claimed as tax deductions by US taxpayers.  US donators, please emailusaadmin@usyd.edu.au with an instruction to direct your donation to The Menieres Research Fund, your preferred method of payment and information required to have the claimable receipt forwarded to you.  Alternately, write or telephone, The University of Sydney USA Foundation, PO Box 3906, Ithaca, NY 14852-3906. Phone: + 1 410 733 9444


The Friends of the University of Sydney UK Trust allows alumni and friends residing in the UK to support the University of Sydney through tax-advantaged giving. Gifts to the trust are tax deductible for UK residents on both income and estate taxes. Donations can be made to the Trust online (http://uk.virginmoneygiving.com/charity-web/charity/finalCharityHomepage.action?charityId=1002564) or by contacting the Trust at Friends of the University of Sydney UK Trust, Administration Manager,The Britain-Australia Society, 59 Buckingham Gate, London UK SW1E 6AJ Phone: +44 (0)20 7630 1075 Fax: +44 (0)20 7828 2260 Email: adm@britain-australia.org.uk

Whether donating on-line or by other means, please specify that you wish your donations to be used for Meniere’s research at the University of Sydney – Sydney Medical School Foundation

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  1. Hi

    It’s been a year since the last update. I was wondering if we can have an update on your progress with treatment and understanding of the mechanisms involved.



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